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I started bending barbed wire several years ago... 

I was looking far something unique to add to my perennial garden. While scouring our farm for old pieces of equipment, tools and buckets I came across an old roll of barbed wire. I decided that I could do something with that and it wasn't long before I made a basket. Everyone seemed to like it, so I made several mare. I got bored making baskets and decided to branch out and make same other things, like flowers and angels.

Since many of our friends and family liked my designs, we decided to take them to our first farmers' market.  My designs are always changing and while I still make baskets, flowers and angels, I am always trying something new. I've have been going to Farmers Markets, Crafts Shows and Art Fairs far about 4 years now. Last year we participated in 40 shows mainly in Iowa and surrounding states. 

People are always asking me if it is hard to work with barbed wire. The simple answer is yes, since it takes a great deal of strength and there is always the risk of getting poked.  The truth is I don't consider it hard because love it. I love the challenge of designing art, I love seeing the end result and I love sharing them with others.  I find that almost everyone who likes at my art, smiles.  Sometimes they smile because it brings back nice memories of when they lived on or got to visit the farm. Sometimes they smile because they are amazed that art can be made out of what they consider a waste material.  Sometimes they smile because they just think I am crazy to work with this stuff. Whatever their reasons I am always happy to cause someone to smile. 

We are 4th generation farmer Century old farm in rural Tama County Iowa and the barbed wire business has been a way to help support our farm.  We are glad to be able to raise our son here and hope to pass the farm on to the 5th generation when the time comes. 

Vicki Jo